You bring the popcorn,
we bring you the movie.

Buy 3 LED bulbs, FREE 1 movie ticket

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Promotion period: 15 March - 31 May 2016
Redemption period: 15 March - 7 June 2016

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LED Bulbs
Here is the selected range for the BulbBuster Rewards:
12NC Product Description
929001162037 LED Bulb 6-50W E27 3000K 230V A60 (470lm)
929001163537 LED Bulb 6-50W E27 6500K 230V A60 (470lm)
929001162137 LED Bulb 7-60W E27 3000K 230V A60
929001163637 LED Bulb 7-60W E27 6500K 230V A60
929001162237 LED Bulb 9.5-70W E27 3000K 230V A60
929001163737 LED Bulb 9-70W E27 6500K 230V A60
929001162337 LED Bulb 10.5-85W E27 3000K 230V A60
929001163837 LED Bulb 10.5-85W E27 6500K 230V A60
929001162437 LED Bulb 13-100W E27 3000K 230V A60
929001163937 LED Bulb 13-100W E27 6500K 230V A60
* Applicable for Philips LED bulbs GEN-5 only
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